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About Me

Odi’e Fashion & Design was created in 2006 by Amanda Haynes, a serial entrepreneur, artist, seamstress, clothing designer. “It’s important for me to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, while honing my technical and artistic skills. I encourage an open sharing platform in my art work to keep an edge. So if anyone out there wants to use my ideas..go for it!” “My approach is traditional with a modern edge. I offer sensible advice and an authentic, high-quality level of high end commissioned couture workmanship that comes with 20 years of experience.

My clients come away with a personalized level of service they don’t receive anywhere else.” 


Odi’e (Amanda Haynes), a firm believer in education especially applied education, holds an AA, AAS in Business and AAS in Graphic Design from FVCC, and BAS in Communications and Business from MSUB.

Among her creative pursuits are photo, video, and graphic design which she ran under Coelacanth Productions LLC in a studio in downtown Kalispell for 5 years.  She also started (2018) WEE Extraordinary Embroideries an apparel embroidery business which has since been partially combined into her bridal/ tailoring business. 

Currently, Odi’e married, lives off grid, enjoys the outdoors, gardening, painting and started a wedding venue (@48degreesnorth2.0 Instagram) with her wonderful partner in life Jesse.

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